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HONOR 9N 1.00Credits [ 2024-03-03 18:15:38 ]
Honor 9A ISP POINT 1.00Credits [ 2024-03-03 18:12:51 ]
Honor 9A 1.00Credits [ 2024-03-03 18:10:02 ]
Honor 10i 1.00Credits [ 2024-03-03 18:07:20 ]
G6-L11 SP PINOUT 1.00Credits [ 2024-03-03 18:04:44 ]
FLA-L03 iSP Pinout 1.00Credits [ 2024-03-03 17:59:32 ]
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Pandora PRO 6.2 Download LINK

Pandora PRO 6.2 Released. Lot of changes.

Date 2023-12-21 10:18:37
Filesize 168.00 MB
Visits 538
Downloads 290

Pandora PRO 6.2 Released. Lot of changes.

- Added support new CPU in Preloader mode:

Dimensity 930, Dimensity 7020 (MT6855)

- Added support new Vivo phones in Preloader mode:

Vivo Y77 5G (PD2219, V2219A)

- Added support new Vivo security in Preloader mode for:

MT6765, MT6768, MT67833, MT6877

- Added support new Realme phones in Preloader mode:

RMX3125 - Realme V11s 5G, RMX3330, RMX3331, RMX3333, RMX3334 - Realme C20A,
RMX3610, RMX3611 - Realme V20, RMX3612 Realme 9i 5G,
RMX3615 Realme 10 5G, RMX3616 Realme Q5x, RMX3617 Realme 10S 5G,
RMX3618 Realme V30T, RMX3619 Realme V30,
RMX3686 Realme 10 Pro Plus, RMX3687 Realme 10 Pro Plus,
RMX3740 Realme 11 Pro Plus 5G, RMX3741 Realme 11 Pro Plus 5G,
RMX3750 Realme Narzo 60, RMX3751 Realme 11 4G,
RMX3770 Realme 11 Pro 5G, RMX3771 Realme 11 Pro 5G

- Added support new OPPO phones in Preloader mode:

CPH2385 Oppo A77 4G, CPH2387 Oppo A57 4G, CPH2407 Oppo F11,
CPH2471 Oppo A17k, CPH2477 Oppo A17, CPH2577 Oppo A58 4G,
CPH2579 Oppo A38, CPH2591 Oppo A18, CPH2483,
CPH2495 Oppo A78 5G, CPH2553, A303OP Oppo A79 5G,
PGBM10 OPPO Reno8 5G, CPH2531 Oppo Reno10 (China) 5G

- Added support new Ulefone phones:

Armor X11 Pro, Armor 17 Pro, Armor 20WT,
Armor 21, Armor 22, Armor 24, Armor Pad 2,
Note 17 Pro, Armor 12S, Power Armor 19, Power Armor 19T,
Armor Pad, Armor Pad Lite, Armor X12, Armor X12 Pro, Armor X13,
Note 14, Note 15, Armor 16 Pro, Power Armor 18, Power Armor 18T,
Power Armor X11 Pro

List of supported functions for listed Ulefone phones (Relock/Unlock Bootloader, Backup/Write/Format RPMB, Erase FRP, Format Flash, Read Info/IMEI/Partitions, Restore From Backup, Unlock Network, Switch Slot, Repair, Wipe Data/Partitions, Fix Dm-Verity)

- Added support Unisoc Nokia phones:

TA-1511 Nokia C31, TA-1516 Nokia G22, TA-1528 Nokia G22

- Improved flashing Multi (Separate) Image SUPER firmwares (OPPO, Realme etc)

- Fixed some MTK flashing bugs

- Fixed some bugs

- Uploaded new FW to support

- Languages files updated